GameBoy DMG-01 3-Speed Mod

One of my ugly guinea pigs..

Has a 'half-speed / normal-speed / double-speed' switch. Half speed for an extra octave of bass, or double speed for clearer samples and crisper hats. Well thats the plan anyway. Still have to test if it makes any difference to the sample clarity...

Sounds great for 'GB ELECTRIC DRUM' Half speed kiks have more balls, and double speed flams are out of this world!!

I'll post a video on how I got it all to fit, cos it's a big arse switch!

Basically i replaced the 4.194 Mhz crystal with a 2Mhz, then the switch adds a 4Mhz in Parallel, an 8Mhz in Parallel, or center leaves the 2Mhz on its own.

Next is to try out the retuned LSDJ for 4Mhz by 10k and Little-Scale.. sweet idea dude

(4Mhz mode in next update of LSDJ anyone??)