Roland TR-505B with 6-Position Swich Matrix * Circuit-Bent*

Let's bee friends... and it's got a picture of a bee on it!
- Ralph Wiggum

The TR-505 seems to be becoming my specialty.

This one features:

4 6-position Rotary-Switch Matrix
8 Mute switches for individual drums
1 Audio input for Hi-Hat Channel
1 Audio input for Tom Channel

Rotary Switches are FAR better to bend with than RCA patch-bays. I'll do a tutorial on how to do this very soon. Probably when I get stuck into my Mega Drive II. Not only does it look neater, but its possible to write down or remember your favorite settings

I'll post some audio of the Weird Sound Generator in the Tom Input, Atari Punk Console in the Hi-Hat Input. Then things get really awesome!