Ibanez Auto Filter Pedal *Circuit-Bent*


Some people think this thing looks cool... personally I've gone off using RCA patch-bays. Too messy, and hard to pull out. However it's a cheap and quick option.

But aside from how it looks, it sounds fantastic! No longer real good for guitar, but on something dynamic and repetitive like a drum machine, it kicks butt!

The 3 pots on the right attach to the internal trim-pots for Envelope Attack, Envelope Release, and Filter Cutoff (or Envelope Depth. Whatever way you want to look at it.)
And the Patch-bay creates all sorts of self-oscillating crazy-good wrongness!

Bendy-bendy Sine and Ring-Mod tones, plus dynamically controlled distortions hisses and glitches.

I'll have to post some audio so you know what I mean.

Me thinks a circuit bent 'Bass Balls' pedal could be next! Nice and formanty!